Marjolein Louisa

Hi, I'm Marjo - Keeper of the forest

I come from a reformed family with five brothers. As the only girl, I was third in line. I am highly sensitive and gifted. I think our whole family is somewhere on that spectrum, which created an active dynamic.

My mother was waiting for us every day at 16:00 with a pot of tea so that we could immediately share our story of the day after school. She always made room for conversation. It could and could be about anything, and she encouraged us to have our own opinion. Everyone has his or her own voice. My mother always recognized me as a young girl that I may not have completely absorbed myself in the group and that I did not behave quite like a Refo girl. That is why she proudly said that she had five sons and a 'polder boy'.  As a result, she recognized me in my uniqueness and because of the Reformation setting I also had to adapt enormously. As a result, I have strongly developed both skills. The flexibility of adapting, but also being true to who I am…. within the permitted frameworks. Only the frames were suffocating to me. Too strict. I went looking. Are the references from the Bible essential or are they the rules? If the rules are essential .. then a life like the Amish life fits. Or rules are not essential .. and then it's about the reference. And what is Jesus referring to?

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Search to 'Truth'

Thus began my quest is about finding the essence. And because I knew the Bible well and with it the stories about Jesus, I started to study those of Siddhartha and Mohammed. My logic was...if Jesus said something and Siddhartha said something similar 400 years earlier... and Mohammed also said the same 600 years later...then that is 'true'.

In that way I took the first step to untangle my mind from intense indoctrination. I am now aware of my beliefs and can perceive when they are hindering me and I can choose to consciously let go or I can actively ask for help.  As a result, a new horizon always unfolds that I can explore. My family and close friends describe me as follows: That I am authentic and determined, pure, very true to my own core values, intuitively strong, honest. That I have a broad spectrum of views. Have a big heart. Powerful and independent. Brave. Connected to the earth and nature. Open-minded.
That I think deeply with an analytical mind.

What I stand for

I am easily distracted and that I follow my heart 100%, so everything that no longer fits falls away. That I make myself very vulnerable, not that I'm naive or that I trust people so much, but because I trust life completely. In my guidance I do not steer. In my mind there is no such thing as right or wrong, I like to invite what lies behind it. And besides all this, people also describe me as intriguing, quirky, smart and hospitable. My vision is that we are all responsible. I strongly appeal to taking responsibility for one's own mindset, behaviour, but also for conscious and unconscious beliefs. Taking responsibility is a skill. I think around 1960 (or maybe even before) we collectively took a destructive turn. I wonder what the world would look like without antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides, fertilizers, disposable plastic and processed / preserved food. I think we give nature a fair chance to stay in balance.

As a young girl I always wanted to be the woman who lives alone in the woods. On the edge of civilization. If I feel like it, I visit people, otherwise just with my animals, the mountains and nature. In my own bubble paradise. And occasionally….. occasionally I want to invite people in there to get a boost from the magical energy of this place.

Reach out, I can't wait to meet you.

With love, Marjo. 



Unwind, come to yourself during a retreat or enjoy a super relaxed holiday.

La Forêt du Dragon is a forest of more then 25 hectares is at your disposal in the beautiful department of Aveyron, remote in the mountains of the Midi-Pyrenees.
From the very top with an amazing 365 degree view unto the very bottom of the valley with dense forest and a lovely babbling creek.