Kangen water

Change your water, change your life

Let us introduce you to the best water in the world. Kangen Water comes from Japan and is made by Enagic. Enagic’s mission is as follows: Realizing true health around the globe. Health is not just limited to our physical health, but also by taking care of the environment and finances. Enagic has been around for almost 50 years and has been a leader in the water industry.

Melissa found out about Kangen Water in 2021 while she was traveling in Spain. She bought some organic carrots and washed them under the tap. In just 2 minutes, the carrot turned black, which made her wonder about the water's quality. She discovered something shocking: water quality changes from place to place and can have rust, heavy metals, chloride, fluoride, pesticides, chemicals, drugs, microplastics, and more, making us sick from the inside. The other option, using plastic bottles, is really bad for the environment and has microplastics too.

That's why Melissa decided to get Kangen Water for herself and tell others about it. If you want more information or a demonstration, you can reach her at: +31641064798.


The importance of water

The significance of choosing the right water is often underestimated. Water plays a crucial role in eliminating toxins, reducing health risks, and maintaining essential bodily functions.

As mentioned earlier, you might be familiar with tap water and bottled water. However, another option worth considering is filtered water. It stands out as a better choice than the first two options. Yet, while it filters out harmful elements, it also removes essential minerals that our bodies truly require.

It's important to note that all these types of water is considered 'dead' water, which tends to be acidic and can lead to health issues within our bodies.

Kangen Water as solution

Kangen means "return to origin" in Japanese. We'd like to call it "the best kept secret", and want the world to know about the benefits. There is a lot to share, but we will minimalize it here to the most important 

Drinking water
Kangen Water is alkalized and has gone through an electrical change called elektrolysis. The electrolysis have been shocking the water to separate the molecules of the water, making them smaller to hydrate us on a more cellular level and also leaving more antioxidants. Kangen Water has the pH from 8.5 to 9.5. 

  • Ionized & alkalized
  • Negative ORP and therefore anti-ageing
  • pH from 8.5 - 9.5 with all different usages 

Cleaning purposes
Cleaning products are full with chemicals and an environmental disaster. 

  • High environmental impact 
  • No more chemicals needed
  • 2.5 pH is a strong desinfectant and used in hospitals 
  • 6.0 pH beauty water can be used for things as make-up remover and hair conditioner 
  • 11.5 pH is a strong degreezer and can be used to clean your stove or wash off pesticides (see picture) 


Change is made together

There's so much to share about this life-changing product which we cannot all place here. Reach out to Melissa, she's been using the water for over a year now and able to answer all your questions or send reliable (scientific) sources of information.

Personal demo
Are you in the area or staying here as a guest? Send Melissa a message on +31641064798 and we'll give you a personal demo. 

Independent distributor
Melissa is an independent distributor and by purchasing one of their ionizers you can become one as well. Enagic doesn't make use of any marketing budgets, instead, they choose to work with motivated distributors sharing their mission. They state that true health is not just focused on physical health, but also on financial health. Enagic has a very attractive patented commission plan and Melissa is coaching people who are interested in this with her online community 'Together for Harmony'. 

Watch some videos

We use Kangen Water for all kinds of puposes on the land. Have a look at some of the videos below! For instance, we use 2.5 for our Jacuzzi and desinfecting the toilets. We like to drink the best water ourselves, but also give it to our animals for their well-being. 


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