Wake Up Retreat


✨ We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness ✨

✨ Upcoming dates ✨

Saturday 20 May till Saterday 27 May

Spring Season Retreat

Join us for a week of walking in nature, sitting in peace, listening with love, working with joy … living fully the precious life we have. Touching life’s deeper dimensions is to embrace the pain and rediscover the miracle of being alive.

This one-week Spring Season retreat is a gift of an inner journey, together with spiritual friends.

Saskia Böttcher and Marjolein Louisa are your hosts. 

We are practitioners since 2009.

What to expect practically?

This retreat is done in  Plum Village Tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. 

It is characterized by the application of mindfulness to everyday activities such as sitting, walking, eating, speaking, listening, working, etc.
Our practice is integrated with lifestyle guidelines called the "five mindfulness trainings".
 This brings an ethical and spiritual dimension to decision-making in our daily life.

Saturday | Day 1 | Arrival Day

Arrival Day is a travel day for you to arrive at my Tipi or Camping. 

Around 14:00 we will do an introduction and a getting to know each other exercise. 

Around 16:00 we will start making a shared meal in the outside kitchen. And we have a great evening around the campfire. And you will sleep in your million star accommodation 😉


Sunday | Day 2 | Lazy Day

Today is a day to relax and to leave your busy life behind you. The only thing we plan to do is a goat walk. 

We take the goats up to Les Sentier de l'Imaginaire. It is a beautiful walk with panoramic views over the mountain ridge into the valley system. 

Monday | Day 3 | We go to the creek

Around 09:30 we go to the village MUROLS and take the road down into the valley, direction Glâ.
We will have a coffee at Glâ at Mike's coffee table outside in the court jard. 

From there we will walk to the creek. 

Once we arrived we will start by making an nice little fire in the fire pit. And we will make a nice lunch together.

In the afternoon you make yourself a nice place to sleep. This can be in the hut, your own tent of a hammock. 


Day 4, 5 and 6

A typical day contains wake up, breakfast in silence, brisk walk or excercise, introduction to the days theme and meditation, play, lunch, total relaxation, me-time, working meditation, sharing, preparing dinner at the campfire and enjoying our meal, evening programm or free time.

Friday | Day 7 | Returning to the top

The morning and the begin of the afternoon you are on your own. You can make a walk, read a book, or ....

At 15:00 we gather at the outside kitchen. And we go for a goat walk together with Billy and Flower on the Dragon path.

This evening will be the last evening already! We prepare a meal together in the outside kitchen on open fire. This is the time for our 'good bye's'.


Saturday | Departure Day

Time to go home .... 


The price is just cost covering and includes 

    • 8 nights Accommodation
    • 7 days Program
    • Simple vegan food included
    • Emma will be our cook
    • Snacks are not included

We aim for 8 people in total for the group.


€ 270 per person

IBAN : FR76 1120 6000 2200 6843 7161 440

You have to bring

Your own tent and sleeping gear. 

And if you have it, some camping gear to make life in the forest comfortable. 

Let's connect .. vibes ✨

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Wake Up Retreat

The Five Mindfulness Trainings

The Five Mindfulness Trainings have their root in the Five Precepts offered by the Buddha. They represent a way to bring mindfulness into every area of life. Rather than rules, they offer us a framework to reflect on our actionsspeech and thinking so we can create more happiness for ourself and for the world around us. They are one of the most concrete ways to practice mindfulness. Their nature is universal. They are true practices of compassion and understanding. All spiritual traditions have their equivalent.

The first training is to protect life, to decrease violence in oneself, in the family and in society. The second training is to practice social justice, generosity, not stealing and not exploiting other living beings. The third is the practice of responsible sexual behavior in order to protect individuals, couples, families and children. The fourth is the practice of deep listening and loving speech to restore communication and reconcile. The fifth is about mindful consumption, to help us not bring toxins and poisons into our body or mind.


Unwind, come to yourself during a retreat or enjoy a super relaxed holiday.

La Forêt du Dragon is a forest of more then 25 hectares is at your disposal in the beautiful department of Aveyron, remote in the mountains of the Midi-Pyrenees.
From the very top with an amazing 365 degree view unto the very bottom of the valley with dense forest and a lovely babbling creek.